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Department Of Finance

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Department of Finance

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Training students to be professional in financial industry e.g. banks, securities, insurance, private and small and medium financial enterprise and others.

Featured Programs:

Freshman: financial software courses: entry level software support. Sophomore, financial professional license counseling course. Junior: internship course: junior student short-term internship for workplace experience. Senior: Outside internship course: senior student internship for future employment, for example; Bank SinoPac, TC Bank, Union Bank of Taiwan, Taichung Bank, Sanchong District Farmers, SinoPac Securities, Dah Chang Securities, Nan Shan Life Insurance, Fubon Life Insurance, China Life Insurance, Cathay Life Insurance, Mercules Life insurance, Law insurance brokers, Synnex, Lien Hua Global Group etc. (paid internship)

Scholarship program providing companies: Nan Shan Life Insurance, China Life Insurance, Fubon Life Insurance, Lian An Enterprise Group, Law insurance brokers, Taian Insurance etc.

Awards winning:

Student Lo Mei-Yen awarded the Outstanding Student Award of Technological and Vocational Education by the Ministry of Education.

Student Lin Hsin-Jung was awarded the ‘National Excellent Youth Award’ by the President of Taiwan. The department of Securities Club was awarded the ‘National College Excellent Club Award’ by the Minister of Education.

The teachers and students team won ‘Economic Daily Taiwan shares contest’.

The teachers and students team won the special privilege at ‘2015 fifth National Cup financial planning case contest’.

The teacher won the first place at the ’2015 first SinoPac Futures Trader Competition’.

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