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Department of Information Management

Department of Information Management

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Information Sciences School
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor

This department was founded in the eighty-ninth year of the Republic of China. The aim of this department is to cultivate students' information management knowledge, to enhance their basic knowledge of information systems and to develop their DIY ability to assist with both operations support systems and decision support systems. Currently, it is focusing on both quality faculty- more assistant professors or above - and increasing the available lab facilities. Hopefully, in the near future, this department will develop its own features: equal attention given to knowledge of hardware and software, and to the role of databases in business and management systems, and to language skills.

The teaching target of this department section aims to train professional manpower in various information managements for national whole economic development, and the foundation talented person of the whole strategy management.

The special features of this department section pays attention to the development that the actual situation application techniques and management integration ability. The curriculum content emphasizes the learning of the foundation theories of information management and the whole usage technical ability of the information system training. During the period of learn, we will enhance the student's language proficiency and guide to pass or obtain the related professional license, to promote the student's future competition ability. Meanwhile the learning course emphasizes the application of the actual situation and the integration of industry division of labor, to enhance the student’s work ability in job field.

Research Focus:

Responding to the fast evolution of information technologies and the industrial environment, we train our students to build up a firm foundation about the common information knowledge and technologies. The final object is that all our students should have the competence of developing and managing typical information systems, in group as well as individually. On the curriculum arrangement, it includes the mostly applied information techniques and theories, such as Multimedia Integration, Internet Applications and Information Management etc. In the same time, for increasing students’ opportunities in job market, courses are specially combined with intensive practices to insure the students have good performance in obtaining related certifications. Before graduating, all the students must accomplish a half-year project in group. Along with the progression of the project, students learn to make, to present and to manage their plan, which usually cooperates with local industry. We are sure to say, all the students graduate from Information Management Department, are ready to face challenges and have the faith and abilities in solving problems.

May 11, 2010



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