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Department of Information Management

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Department Of Information Management

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Our education goals are based on the development trend in workplace and information technology applications field, our department focuses on training expertise regarding ‘Digital Service Management’ and ‘Information System Application’. We educate ‘business operating’, ‘mobile application’ and ‘service’ in the information technology service and related industry.

With our faculty's fully engaging in students' learning process, students can initiate employment preparation from the first day of admission.

This course is divided into ‘digital service management - management and information applications for people, materials and finance in the supply and consumption chain of business processes’ and ‘information system application - import and application of enterprise information systems’.

Required equipment is considerably prepared and courses follow principles of apprenticeship. Experienced teachers instruct entry level students to have access to the workplace and to coach them until they complete practical activities. Thus, students will be able to assign dedicated projects in workplace. Moreover, senior students will choose internship in the related industry as an elective course. Department and professionals in the industry will provide practical advice with students to help them adjust effectively to the workplace.

Dean’s honor list, in the spirit of ‘Happy Learning’, the school encourages teachers and students to participate in various competition to show outstanding performance. Accordingly, the number of students who participated in such events as a total of 811 such as SAPB1, MTA, PROJECT 2013, etc. With international views and professional skills, students participated in 40 different inside -outside competitions.

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