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Department of Applied English

Department of Applied English

Tel: 886-2-26015310 ext.2470~2471

Hospitality & Tourism Management School
Group: Foreign language
International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Applied English
This department was founded in 2000.
Its aim is to meet the requirements of national economic development. Therefore, in addition to foreign languages, this department also provides students with some elective courses, such as international trade, tourism, accounting, and banking and insurance. After entry to the WTO, Taiwan will need a lot of foreign language experts to help deal with international trade, information, and financial communication. In order to realize this goal, the department implements a variety of methods, such as learning English through pictures, learning English through daily life, living with English and whole language learning. All in all, the main purpose of this department is to cultivate students!| speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities to provide them with good command of foreign languages.
So far a four - year B.A program has already been added to this department. We expect an M.A program will be established in the near future. Thus , not only will we be able to cultivate students as foreign language teachers for vocational schools, but also we will be able to train students to become foreign language experts in commerce and in other fields of technology.

Research Focus:

(1) Teaching
The Department's teaching methods are aimed at creating an interactive and creative classroom-environment in which discussion and critical thinking take center-stage. Classroom instruction is exclusively in English and students are required to pass TOEFL-550 as a requirement to graduate.

(2) Research
All faculty members dedicate themselves to individual and cooperative academic research and are actively engaged in local and international conferences and publications.

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