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Department of Tourism Management
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Department of Tourism Management

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Hospitality & Tourism Management School
Group: Management International Admission: Bachelor

Tourism industry currently is universally recognized as one of the most important industries all over the world. It is the largest industry in America. In Taiwan, tourist industry is booming for the past 40 years due to some factors such as the rising of people’s living standard, the changes of industry structure, etc. And recently, the government has implemented the five-work-day per week policy. Casual traveling is getting more popular all over the country. Every tour site is breaking the record of tourist number. Many big enterprises take part in large tourist travel B.O.T. projects. In addition, international dining industry chain stores also move into Taiwan. The tourist industry shows prosperous everywhere. There is an interactive relation between industry development and the academia. It is urgent to train and educate more middle and high level skilled people for tourist industry to balance on the industry advancement and the fast growing of the tourist industry in Taiwan.

   HWC set up the Department of Tourism in 1965. The department has trained and educated numerous students for tourism industry over 40 years. Our graduates’ remarkable performance is known to the industry. The industry is advancing and the human resource structure is changing. It has become an inevitable trend for college graduates to learn advanced knowledge and technology to face the social need. Based on the past outstanding teaching achievements the department was renamed as Tourism Management Department in the year 2000 to further train students on professional management and skill in this field. Furthermore, continually develop fine professional morality for vocational education and promote the quality of vocational education.

Research Focus:

The education objective of our department is based on the current vocational education policy; goes with the industrial development, human resource requirement; trains and educates middle and higher level advanced professionals. To reach this goal, the department takes the management courses as foundation; recreation management and professional interpretation as auxiliary courses; enhances information application, foreign language ability, industry incorporation concept; and emphasizes human thoughts and professional attitude toward job; enables our students to have a broad vision and extensive thoughts as tourism industry professionals for the 21st century.

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