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Department of Intermational Trade

Department of International Trade

Tel: 886-2-26015310 ext.2421~2428


Business Management School
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor

Welcome to the web site of the department of International Trade, Hsing-wu University.

The department is one of the oldest at the school, when the college was founded. Moreover,
the department is one of the largest in Taiwan with more than 52 full-time teaching staff,
16 part-times and up to 2,500 students.

The department has an outstanding reputation for practical teachings in the field of international
trade. Lots of courses and facilities were established to help students to learn professional skills
of operation of international trading, customs broking, caqustoms
clearance, and logistics.
Students graduated from the department are warmly welcomed
by companies of trading as well
as custom brokers in the country.

Based on the admirable achievements on practice oriented of all round teaching, the department
“First Gradein the latest university and College Assessment made by the Ministry
of Education in 2002.

The department is not satisfied with the result, nevertheless. Several plans for teaching quality
promotion are ready to go in these years, so as to strengthen the professional competitiveness
of students.

As the department has more concerns with international environment than many others,
members of the department are kindly to welcome students from all over the world. We look
forward to seeing you soon in the near future.

Dr. William TSAI
Director of the department

Research Focus:

To facilitate our college grant and financial support we advance to encourage faculty to
publish academic papers and advance their academic status. We will also employ
professors with special skills or experiences to improve faculty quality.

Furthermore, in order to promote academic spirit, we continue to carry out various
academic activities and encourage faculty to do research at all time.

Mar 15, 2010



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