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Department of International Business

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Department of International Business

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Department will put focus on the ‘front expansion’ of the international exhibition and ‘back up’ of international trade in order to strengthen students’ professionalism in international trade. The department plans to install the relevant resources e.g. ‘Cross-Border E–commerce’ in consideration of the demand of industrial talents.

The core competency of students’ indicators: Department constructs professional certificate counseling courses to support students to successfully enter the professional field. Moreover, the department actively helps students obtaining multi benefit license to improve their language proficiency.

Nurturing talent target:

Practical expertise of the international trade and exhibition. Business talent with global views obtaining business management, exhibition marketing, trade information and pratical experience.


2016 National Technical College International Marketing Planning Competition

2016 cross-strait international trade simulation exhibition competition booth display works

2015 cross-strait international trade simulation exhibition competition masterpiece

2014 trade simulation exhibition competition exhibition business communication simulation of the international trade knowledge QA bronze, booth decoration design masterpiece, total score masterpiece

Extracurricular internship students won the school elite scholarship 250,000

Students performed outstandingly well as a receptionist for promotion service quality program joint award ceremony and Taiwan International Green Industry Exhibition Students as a foreign trade association and the WTO a number of B to B professional exhibition (information exhibition, semiconductor exhibition, machine tool, etc.) service personnel outstanding performance

2008 National University of International Trade Simulation Commodities Exhibition new product launch bronze, the exhibition practice fifth.

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