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Department of Business Management

Department of Business Management

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Business Management School
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor


The department was founded in 1965, aimed to provide students with professional talents of business administration. With an emphasis on the link between business theory and practice, four major programs are designed in the curriculum: Marketing Management, Information & Electronic Business, Financial Management, Human Resource & Organization Management.

Based on the industrial and commercial trends of national development, we carefully design programs that respond to the changing needs of business and focus on developing entrepreneurial managers who will become leaders in an era of global competitiveness and technological advancements.

Teaching Objectives

1.Based on the needs of national development and the latest industrial and commercial trends, as well as the advent of knowledge economy of E generation, our programs aim to educate students with professional skills which reflect global economic impulse of multidimensional management.

2.Linking up the poly education, our programs provide professional training practically and theoretically and focus on developing entrepreneurial managers who will become leaders in an era of global competitiveness and technological advancements.

3.Training students to be qualified as professional managers with the abilities of problem solving, independent thinking and positive innovating.

4.In accordance with the concept of humanism, our department focuses on cultivating students to be macroscopic, tactful, responsible, skillful and high-minded.

Teaching Features

1.Designing and implementing curriculum to advance the theory and practice

of business management.

2.Providing professional courses in accordance with the transitions of circumstance.

3.Promoting cooperation between industries and academy, offering professional lecture courses, and holding academic and practical seminar periodically.

4.Providing cross-department research and teaching by the School of Management.

5.Training and assisting students to pass different kinds of language and professional certificate tests.

6. Establishing professional committees to support teaching and research, in each committees, a chair will be elected to execute department affairs.

Future Development

Based on the Hsing Wu University's medium range plan and our departments' developing plan, a variety of foci are considered in our working schedule:

I. Faculty

1.For the need of course redesigning, we continuously recruit teachers with both professional skills and Ph.D. degree from 2005-2007..

2.To promote academic level, this department encourages and supports our teachers to do further research, on-the-job training, and to publish academic papers.

3.In order to support teaching among different departments, we establish human resource database according to each teacher's professional specialty.

4.Encouraging teachers to conduct research project independently, to cooperate with outside academic research centers or with industry so as to promote research level of the whole department.

II. Course and Teaching

1.Following the economic and academic trends, our department revises the curriculum, syllabi, and improves educational facilities periodically.

2.According to department's features, we design four study programs: marketing management, financial management, information & E business, and human resource and organizational management.

3.In addition to encourage students to take one or two major programs, we offer English teaching circumstance and language training program to help students to learn professional knowledge and skills to promote their competitiveness. As well, we provide professional certificate when students finish all the necessary courses.

4.Improving teaching methods to improve teaching quality and performance via teaching seminar and communication of teaching experiences.

5.Holding academic and practical seminars and specialist lecture to improve research quality and practical experiences.

6. In connection with teaching needs, we hold teaching conference and emulation to promote practical experiences.

III. Educational Facilities

1.Providing updated professional and periodicals and series books for students and teachers.

2.Continuously updating business software and hardware to meet our department's multifaceted teaching purposes.

3.For the purposes of sharing and well-used resources, the Research and Development Division takes responsible for all the valuable equipments and distributes to related department.

4.Setting up E-learning circumstance, our department has six specialized laboratories, one multimedia classroom and two PC classrooms. The laboratories include ERP, CRM, SCM, Financial management simulation, Commercial Automation/Data Processing Center, Small/Medium Enterprise IS lab to provide cross-department teaching.

5.Planning and constructing E-learning circumstance for Business

Research Focus:

I. Research and Cooperation between academy and Industry

1.Scheduling annual academic seminar to promote research quality and to share teaching experiences.

2.For further learning of practical experiences, our department invites professional speakers to deliver in-depth speech for last-year students.

3.Our department cooperates with several manufactures and companies to provide students with practical training experiences.

4.Promoting team work research via research groups.

II. Coaching

1. Assisting students with career, study program and job-researching planning.

2.Encouraging and supporting students to participate and pass professional certificate tests in the fields of business management and language to increase students' strengths and ability of competition.

3.Encouraging and supporting students to increase the opportunity by taking related job searching exams.

4.Coaching students to take a variety of higher school entrance exams.

5.Paying attention on cultivate students' personal morality and quality.

6.Providing assistance to pursue double degrees and elevate students' global perspectives.

III. Administration and Service

1.Holding meeting periodically to review and improve departmental affairs.

2. Nominating a chair for each professional committee to execute departmental affairs.

3.Implementing E-learning and E-administration to increase the quality of the service of administration.

4.Improving student and alumni associations to handle departmental activities.

5.In connection with the development of Lin-Ko Industrial Area, our department takes advantage of existing teaching resources to cooperate with nearby industries.

6.Promoting cross-strait and international business communication. .



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