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Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

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The Department of Business Administration (BA Dept.) is dedicated to nurture students to become professional with multi-management knowledge under the school policy, ‘practice through pragmatic education’. We design both management related courses and practical professional courses to let students obtain learning achievements through ‘learning by doing, doing by practicing’.

The BA Dept. designs 2 programs for elective courses, ‘Business management program’ and ‘Marketing project program’. The former focuses on the management related competencies such as oral proficiency training (e.g. greetings, etiquette), Image etiquette management (e.g. good manners), Leadership & communication, Store service management, Service quality management, Human resources development etc., which are the capacities that sales management should be noted.

Marketing project program includes Service innovation, Customer relationship management, Integrated marketing, Business proposal, Consumer behavior courses. This program aims at providing students with competencies of putting forward marketing proposals and briefing skill.

There are other credits acknowledged by the 2 programs, i.e. E-commerce, Merchandise planning, E-marketing, and Business simulation. It is essential that students acquire the multi-abilities of e-commerce.

Features of BA Dept.

Freshman, courses of License: Courses of counseling certificates such as ‘Technician for Chain Store Service’, ‘International Marketing Certificate’, ‘ERP Certificate’.

Sophomore, courses of practice: Application-oriented courses such as ‘E-commerce’, ‘Merchandise planning’, ‘E-marketing’, ‘Project study’.

Junior, course of systemization: Systems and software such as SPSS, ERP, CRM, and Microsoft Office.

Senior, course of diverse internship: We offer summer internship and full time internship programs for senior students to provide them with working experience before graduation.

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