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Department of Wealth Management

Department of Wealth Management

Department of Accounting Information

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Business Management School
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor


Students are encouraged to get certified in at least one field before graduation.

2.Information oriented
accounting professionals
Auditing and bookkeeping are changed by integrated enterprise information systems, so the course design reflects this trend and accounting knowledge should be combined with information technology.

3.Theories with practice
The course design is focused on theories with practice with practical training in accounting firms.

4.Training focused on problem-solving abilities Problem analysis and solving, and research paper writing are among the abilities that we focus on in our program. We also help students get into graduate schools.

5. Globalization
Students are encouraged to take part in exchange programs with our alliance schools and workshops in China. Students are also encouraged to get certified by
「Civil English Test

6. Extension program & community services
Based on the vocational program, the extension program offers various classes with credits.



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