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Department of Wealth Management

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Department of Wealth Management

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The department aims to foster “expertise in financial planning and tax management field”.

Full-time internship

Our department cooperate with Republic of China Certified Public Accountant, National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area Xinzhuang District, Zhongli District, Zhonehe District, Financial Holding companies and Insurance companies. It offers a wide range of related-professional experiences students.

The Department offers a number of scholarships: Diptronics Manufacturing Inc. provides “hardworking  student scholarship”.

Jiawei United Certified Public Accountants provides students under poverty line scholarship.

Yongxin Certified Public Accountants and UNI Certified Public Accountants provides “Excellent grade Student  Scholarship”.

Curriculum is divided into “Wealth Management” and “Tax Planning” modules to ensure high employment rate. In nearly 3 years, the employment rate of students has reached to 90%. The employment rate of the graduates was 98% between 2011 and 2013.Short-term and full-time internship participation rate is close to 90%.

Internship business diversification: The purpose of the full-time internship is to achieve ‘get a job after graduation’, and also to achieve the ‘turn an internship into a full time job’ goal. The department reached total 31 internship companies corporation in 2014.

Employment program promotion: Between 2010 and 2014, our department was awarded a 7-year employment program by Workforce Development Agency. We constructed a full pre-service training program through the program.

The number of students who obtained licenses has increased: Over the past 3 years, students have acquired total 75 tax management license, 50 financial services management certificate and 620 information application license and others.

According to 104 Job Bank website (September 2015),  relevant job positions corresponding to our department are financial accounting, financial insurance and business promotion. Workforce demand in the industry is high with high income and broad opportunities.

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