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Campus Map




Hsing Wu, learning and joy come together

  1. Banyan Avenue

 Since the school was founded, we have planted ficus. Now it becomes a lot of beautiful trees.

  1. Green Ground

 Green Ground is the place for students to take a rest, study and en jo y the na ture of gree n i n the campus.

  1. Sports Ground

 Sports Ground is for our students to do physi ca l trai nin g a nd education. The central part is our tennis ground.

  1. Spa Classroom

 The classroom for students to learn aromatherapy, spa, beauty, and leisure service skills.

  1. International Cuisine Kitchen

 The purpose of international cuisine kitchen is for students to learn how to make different cuisines from different cultures.

  1. Cabin Simulation Classroom

 This classroom provides students virtual reality experienc. Student can learn about cabin equipment and how to operate the system.

  1. English House

 it is a English-only place. There are mo re th an tho usa nd s of English version books. Students can choose the book according to their own level.

  1. E-Marketing Research Center

 It offers students a place to carry out telephone survey and marke ti n g re se a rch , i t a l so p ro vi d e student to do their own project.

  1. Business Innovation Lab

 The laboratory provides a space to perform practical operation, brainstorming and group discussion of the teaching model to enhance stu d e n ts' p ro fe ssi o na l a n d innovative ability.

  1. Tax Management Lab

 The laboratory is built to cultivate modern tax and accounting practice talents.

  1. International Business Lab

 It is a place for students to build up their internaitonal business ability through international case study and business presentation.

  1. Space Information Lab

The main teaching content of the classroom is space information technology, in addition to the basic subjects of real teaching, but also in space information system operation.

  1. Multi Media Product Lab

This lab provides an eniviroment for students to use different ki nd s of me di a to ma ke the ir ow n products.

  1. Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio provides students to experience TV and film green screen shooting.

  1. Package Production Lab

 In this lab, it provides all kinds of packege editing machine. Studetns can study different kinds of skills of package.

  1. Fashion Tailor Lab

 Students can learn about fashion tailor, dimension tailor,and basic clothes construction here.

  1. Animation and Visual Effect Lab

 This lab is for the students who focus on animation and visual effect. it provide the powerful w o rk sta ti on fo r stu d e nts to d o animation rendering and particle effect.

  1. Student Service Center

Students mirror themselves to chcek their physical performance and thier acting skill.

  1. Gym

      Gym give sutdents a place to work out and relax, we have all kind of weight training machine and treadmills.

  1. Student Service Center

The main teaching content of the classroom is space information technology, in addition to the basic subjects of real teaching, but also in space information system operation,

  1. Library

Our Library purchase a lot orginal text. Total number of books is 44028. Students can also find new magzine, journal, and media books here.

  1. Mia Café

Studen ts from Tourism and Hospitality department serve beverage and food to improve customer service custom here.

  1. Basketball Court

Basketball is a famous sport in Taiwan. Our school have trained many national basketball players. Thus, high quality basketball court is very important.