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General Education Center

General Education Center


Tel: 886-2-26015310 ext.2121~2125



Group: Literature, History and Philosophy

International Admission: None



General Education CenterGECof Hsing Wu University

was established in 2001. The first director was

Dr. Yuan Pao Hsinthe Second was Dr. Lin Jih Sheng.

Right now the leading director is Dr. Lin Chien Fa .

He is planning as well as developing all of

general education Programs.



I. The basic concept:

The main idea of the general education is making students understand human beings’

Civilization in the past, control the social trend in nowadays and look forward to the

Promising future by the sharp acumen. All curriculum should be comprised of the

Historical and social features in the future for enhancing students’ acknowledgement

Toward themselves, making students exhibit the professional potential by the erudite

Background in addition to the professional capability and making students precisely

Control the social and historical trend to be the leaders in the 21st century after the


(A) The general education isn’t the hodgepodge of the knowledge provided to the

students in the university in addition to the professional education. It doesn’t have

any goal, the curriculum doesn’t pertain to one another in the significance either.

(B) The general education has its idea. All curriculum and teaching activity should

be at the aim of the creation and the innovation in the significance. It’s at the axis of

human’s acknowledgement toward themselves and exhibits the human’s potential

capability in the field of the historical, social and surpassing knowledge for students

to succeed all in the past, to control the trend in nowadays and to create and to

innovate anything in the future in the profound knowledge.



II. The goal of the general education:

The general education doesn’t under the usher of the professional education to be the

decoration, the modification and the balance of the excessively professional education.

In the contrast, the general education has its goal, which is comprised of the education in the

university, is parallel to the professional education and has its effect on the curriculum

and teaching content. In the brief, a student with the completely general education

should have following features.



(A) He should have the broad vision toward the human civilization in the past, now

and future.

(B) He should have the sharp acumen of adjusting the human’s sole and the concept of

the value.

(C) He should accept, comprehend and appreciate anything eccentric and grotesque.

(D) He should be brave enough to criticize anything for the creation rather than

following the tradition.





(E) He should be sensitive enough to perceive the significance and interest in the life.

(F) He should acknowledge himself, believe in the life, esteem the nature and look

forward to the Utopia.



Mar 9, 2010