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College of Business Management

College of Business Management 

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This Academy was founded in 2004, but has not moved to a fully functional academic body yet. So far, it is in charge of organizing resources, i.e. research, teaching, and facilities, in order to transfer itself into an administrative unit.

This Academy includes five departments with a graduate program on its way. These five departments are: Accounting, Business Administration, International Trade, Finance, and Marketing and Logistics. The preparing graduate program is Global Logistics and Management. It is due to establish in 2007.

This Academy welcomes all students around the world who are interesting in Taiwan’s business management in various domains. This school is proud of providing friendly learning atmosphere and well-organized facilities for students want practical skills rather than academic trainings.

For whoever have interests in knowing us, please email to: We will answer any question you might have and show our passion to welcome you to join us.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. William TsaiPh.D., Warwick, UK