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HWU was Established in 1965. Transferred College in 2000. Transferred University in 2012.


I. Mission and founding principles
This University was founded in 1965. Its motto is Loyalty, Honesty, Diligence, and Peace based on the principle of humanity and concern for students in the field of commerce. The name of the University was changed to Hsing Wu University in August, 2012. Instruction in applied science and technology and training of professional students is based on quality education in the practical arts.


II. Campus Facilities
※ Location and Environment
The campus is located in a beautiful quiet urban area of Linkou with tree-lined boulevards, large lawns, and a natural environment, The social environment suits the learning and research goals both of students and faculty.
This university boasts a strong faculty and staff that care about their students.

※Well-designed Hardware Facilities
This campus consists of five divisions : administration, instruction, campus life, student activities, and recreation areas.

※ Modernized Library with Numerous Books
The library contains about a hundred thousand books, three hundred periodicals and more than ten newspapers. It is worth mentioning that this library holds an ancient treasure of Chinese knowledge-the Complete Works of the Four Classics Books.

※ Richly-equipped Network Resources
The installment of the ADSL and the TANET system with 54.5 Mbps is to provide high-speed and wideband communication. There are eighteen computer classrooms on campus, which are equipped with advanced projectors and broadcasting system. The computer classrooms offer instruction through a 100 base T and NT network system which students and teachers can also use to reserve special-purpose classrooms and instructional materials.

※ Active and Colorful Extra-Curricular Activities
There are more than thirty clubs and societies on campus, divided into four groups according to their focus : academic, social life, community service, skills, physical education, and department societies. Students can join all kinds of clubs for free, which can help them become sociable students.

※ Continuing Education Center and Public Service
In order to supervise students’ placement, the office of placement caters to those working outside the campus and provides information on studying, employment, skill certification and jobs offered by factories, companies, and other campuses. The office also helps alumni apply for jobs and holds seminars related to advanced study and placement

※ Boarding and Transportation:
This campus provides students with well-equipped dormitories, restaurants and security systems. The campus is located in Linkou, a city in Taipei County.
In addition to several buses available to serve the faculty members. the university also provides bus service for students living within com-
muting distance, which covers nearly all of the Taipei and Tao Yuan areas.
In the future, we are going to have three schools constituting a university: The College of Business Administration. The College of Information, and The College of Tourism. In addition to the above schools, a College of Humanities and Education is to join them in the near future.